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Clydesdale babies come into the world after 11 months of gestation. They weigh approximately 150 pounds and usually stand waist high at the withers. Nothing can describe the feelings and emotions inside while admiring a newborn foal. Every foal is a blessing whether it came easily or you've invested a couple years for them to get here. We begin imprinting the foals shortly after birth and this will set a blueprint to a trusting and positive training attitude for the rest of the horse's life. We wean our foals off the mares sometime after 3 months when they are at a healthy state and eating well. Watching your foal grow into a gentle giant ensures your bond to them and the satisfaction of knowing your horse has had all the advantages of a good start.


Amber   Edthar  Evan  Mae  Stacey  Ezmae


Millenium Foals

Baldazar of Landview
"Edthar"  Amber's Stud Colt At 6 Months


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