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We moved to this farm in Allegan Michigan September of 1989 with a Quarter Horse and 1/2 Arab.  A previous accident forced me to give up my riding horse.  I kept the Arab because she was my first and I had taught her to drive.

 In 1990 we bought our first Clyde an 11-year-old mare and broke her to cart.  The following spring we bought a 2-year-old filly for her mate. The next year we had a team to drive. That’s when Doug got really interested in the horses.

 We’ve progressed to a breeding farm having foaled 11 registered babies here at Landview.  We started showing at county fairs then at state and national levels.  Our mares are consistent and place well at the shows.  Along the way we have met a lot of good people that love these Clydesdales as much as we do.  These horses just seem to grow on you like a bad habit!

 Prevention is the best cure around here for disease and accidents.  We maintain our horses with regular worming, hoof care, vaccinations, daily hands on turnout and good quality feeds.  The barn is filled with the sounds of two small boys playing and sliding across the backs of the horses in the straight stalls.  Our horses are trustworthy and relish the attention you give them.  Gentle Giants is no under statement when describing theses extraordinary horses.

 We have come to a painful but necessary decision to reorganize our farm.  We are in need of a new house and resolving some health issues.  Taking sometime to get things in order and enjoy watching our boys grow into reliable help is our next step with the farm.  We will be looking for a young stallion to grow while were putting our herd of broodmares back together.

We have sold over 15 Clydesdales to satisfied customers in many states.  Our new and repeat customers are always helped along their journey as best we can.  If you see something you like please call us for more information.

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Landview Farms
Doug, Sandra, Samuel, & Ethan Spitzer
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